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Appriver Reseller Partner

What do you expect from Cloud-Solution and under which circumstances do you decide to use Software as a Service? For the time being, it is especially data protection that should be important! Against this background, AppRiver-Services are the perfect choice: with the innovative and reliable e-mail and web security solutions we protect the e-mail servers, enable a secure e-mail encryption and safeguard your employees from harmful web contents. Furthermore, all the data of the hosted solutions are subject to the strictest privacy protection.

Who is AppRiver?
AppRiver is one of the leading providers of Managed Services Solutions worldwide. The focus of the company based in Switzerland lies on solutions for Secure Hosted Exchange and Office 365, while the portfolio is perfectly completed by in-house developments in the e-mail and web safety field, as well as that of e-mail encryption. Due to the provable increasing need to protect networks from the increasingly complex threats, AppRiver has developped comprehensive and, at the same time, affordable subscription-based solutions, which provide precisely this protection.

  • Spam and antivirus protection

    AppRiver protects electronic mailboxes simply and reliably against spam and viruses. The awarded SecureTide™ Service filters 99 percent of unsolicited messages, before they reach the inbox. No expensive equipment is required, there are no cancellation fees, and the best part of all: you are spared from malicious messages or junk mail in your inbox.

  • E-mail encryption

    Protect your e-mail messages with CipherPost Pro™ - the extremely safe and easy to use encryption service from AppRiver. With CipherPost Pro™, one click is enough to ensure that messages stay encrypted the whole way, right up to the receiver. Thus, the application makes sure that company guidelines are observed and e-mail messages stay safe. Managing CipherPost Pro™ is in this respect as simple as the operation by the user.

  • Secure Hosted Exchange

    With Secure Hosted Exchange from AppRiver you have the maximum control over your e-mail system, yet without the complications and expenses for the management of own servers. In exchange for a small monthly fee per mailbox, you will receive unlimited data volume and the possibility of easily managing user services. SecureTid™ is integrated into each hosted mailbox, so that you are automatically provided with the best and always up-to-date spam and antivirus protection.

  • Office 365 Plus

    AppRiver offers the popular Microsoft Office 365 Package, which also contains, apart from the usual Office applications, Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business. With Office 365 Plus, you get professional data migration support by dint of AppRiver, as well as Phenomenal Care™.